Beware of Phishing and Scammers – Fake Messages

Be aware of Phishing and Scam messages!

We will only send you notifications via “Biankaklaudia” and to the email address known to us.

We will never use any other form of communication!

And never do!

  • No SMS
  • No WhatsApp
  • Not By Phone
  • No web messages via Messenger, Snapchat, Discord or Skype
  • No messages via the visitor message box of “Biankaklaudia
  • Or any other form.

This is how you recognize a fake message

  • In the message, you often find an urgent reason to take action. For example “Click here to prevent removal of your ad”.
  • You are requested to click on a link that does NOT end up on the website.
  • The message resembles a message from but was NOT sent by, the email address does not end with
  • There are often typing errors in the message.